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A Letter to our Campers [UPDATE]

Dear Campers and Families,

We hope this letter finds you safe and healthy. Unfortunately, on May 18, 2020, the Governor of Connecticut announced that all overnight camps in the state will be closed this summer. The safety of campers and staff at The Connecticut Basketball School would be at risk due to the logistics of moving campers through the daily schedules of an overnight camp.

The Connecticut Basketball School ’s objective has always been to provide an environment of safety and to allow each of the over 16,000 campers to have a great experience with their
fellow peers. Although disappointing, we feel the campers would not be able to achieve the experience and agree with the decision of the State of Connecticut.

We would like to thank all of the campers, parents, and staff, who have been faithful and
supportive over the years. Without your support, The Connecticut Basketball School
would not have achieved such success

Hopefully, the summer of 2021 will find our country back to a healthy and safe environment, and The Connecticut Basketball School can open its doors again.

We wish everyone good health as we all try to navigate through these difficult times.

Nick Macarchuk
Johnny Kidd
John Reiser